What happens during a workout?

With On Demand Personal Training your trainer guides you through every step of your full-body workout.  This includes writing your workout, setting your machines, coaching you on every exercise, recording your workout, and confirming your next workout.


How is the workout structured?  

The MEDFITNESS Workout uses the American College of Sports Medicines guidelines for strength training.   Members complete their workout under the direct supervision of a professionally trained personal trainer. Each workout includes 8 exercises that target the abdomen, low back, upper and lower legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms. 


Members rotate between the A Workout (abdominal crunch, leg curl, leg press, chest press, compound row, lateral raise, triceps extension and biceps curl) and the B Workout (abdominal crunch, leg extension, seated dip, pull down, overhead press, low back extension, hip abduction and hip adduction).  All exercises are performed in a slow, controlled manner to minimize the risk of injury. 


Additional training techniques (i.e,. Multipliers) are added to workouts to maximize benefits and add variety. 


Can I try the workout? 

You can always try the workout.  Our Free Trial Workout puts you in the drivers seat by allowing you to take us for a test drive.  We believe it is important that you have a chance to try us before you buy us! 


Do I need an appointment to work with a trainer? 

With On Demand Personal Training you do not need an appointment to work with a trainer.  The moment you walk in the door your trainer is ready to guide you through your 25-minute, full-body workout.  If you would like to train between 6 AM and 8 AM you will need an appointment.  To complete a Free Trial Workout you will need an appointment.    


Is the program healthy for older adults?

The MEDFITNESS Program meets the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for strength training and cardiovascular exercise.  Numerous health agencies including the National Institutes of Health recommend strength training for all adults including senior citizens.  


Is the workout safe for older adults?

The MEDFITNESS Workout is a great fit for older adults.  Our studio is equipped with MEDX Rehabilitative Exercise machines.  These machines incorporate MEDX’s patented, compound weight stack which enables increases of resistance in 2-pound increments.  This feature reduces user strain and makes it possible for individuals to select the exact level of resistance required, regardless of their strength – ensuring steady and consistent progress.   


Each MEDX machine is adjusted allowing members to exercise target muscle groups through a pain-free range of motion.  Machine settings can be further customized to manage musculoskeletal injuries and/or limitations (e.g., reduced range-of-motion).  Using the MEDX Rehabilitative Exercise Machines allows us to achieve excellent results while maximizing workout safety.  


What happens if I have medical issues?

We customize every workout to work around medical issues or physical limitations.  We also work closely with local physicians, physical therapists and chiropractors to provide post-rehab workouts based on the recommendations of your healthcare professional.     


Is the workout functional? 

The workout will improve your strength, flexibility, endurance and functional capacity.  In other words, you will have an improved ability to do the things you like doing with less fatigue and greater safety. 


Does the workout use free-weights or machines? 

We prefer the safety and efficiency profile of strength training machines.  Our studio is built around the patented technology of MEDX exercise machines.  These machines allow you to safely complete a full-body workout in less than 25 minutes.  


Do I need a doctors referral to workout at MEDFITNESS? 

While some physicians refer patients to MEDFITNESS a referral is not required.  


Do you offer discounts?

We do not offer discounts.  Instead, we focus on providing value with On Demand Personal Training, which is priced 60 percent below conventional personal training.


Why choose MEDFITNESS?   

You get maximum value with our unique On Demand Personal Training (personal training without appointments).  This innovative approach to strength training delivers results with maximum flexibility and efficiency. 


Do I have to sign a long term contract? 

We offer a variety of training options including short term, month-to-month, 30-day memberships.  You can cancel your membership at anytime for any reason.   


How long does a workout take?

The MEDFITNESS Workout takes less than 25 minutes.  Our efficient workouts make it easy to add strength training to your busy lifestyle.   


How much does the program cost?

MEDFITNESS provides personal training for as little as $17 per workout (60 percent less than conventional personal training).  Get our fee schedule by clicking here > Program Fees.   


How intense/hard is the workout? 

Challenging yourself is an important ingredient when strength training.  However, our first priority is that every workout is safe.  Your personal trainer will work with you to determine the intensity that works best for you. 


Is the studio clean? 

We take cleanliness and sanitation seriously.  The studio is cleaned at the completion of every 5-hour Shift.  The exercise equipment is also treated with hospital grade anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleaning solutions.  


How do I get started?

Getting started begins with a Strong Start Workout.  To schedule your Strong Start Workout call (630) 762-1784 or CONTACT US.  


What about my diet?

Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist can answer all your nutrition questions.  When you become a member you will receive a Protein Guide that shows you how to consume healthy amounts of protein to build muscle and gain strength.  We also offer the 21-Day MEDFITNESS Challenge that combines the HMR Diet with the MEDFITNESS Workout to help you lose body fat and improve your health.  The MEDFITNESS Challenge includes weekly coaching with our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.   


Who is HMR? 

HMR Weight Management Services Corp. is a national company specializing in weight loss and weight management.  HMR programs offer lifestyle education, personalized attention, nutritious, low-calorie foods, structured diets, and an emphasis on long-term weight and health management.